I Found Melibe leonina!!

I found Melibe leonina washed up on the beach yesterday at cubs.

Melibe leonina is a nutibranch.  Melibe leonina lives in great kelp forests.  Were it feeds on zoo plankton, small crustaceans and microscopic shrimpy guys that I forget the name of.  Melibe leonina some times will have a hitch hiker called an isopod.

Isopods are like shrimp but they live on Melibe leonina and eat its feces.

Here’s a picture we took of it:    leonina

We Got Baby Chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we got new chickens.  We got them from Holiday Hills Hobby Farm.   They are six days old.  We had forty but a Light Sussex was not sturdy enough to survive the trip.  Other than Light Sussex we have: Americanaus,  Cuckoo Maran, Buff Orpingtons, And we don’t now what the dark brown dude is.
  • The yellow ones are Sussex.
  • The whitish ones are  Buff Orpingtons.
  • The black one with the yellow crown is the Cuckoo Maran.
  • The dark brown fellows we have no idea.
  • The speckled ones are Americaunas.

The Prophecy

“Max look out!” All of a sudden the floor cracked open! An enormous Scorpion tail grabbed Max!  Before he was dragged down he said, “Go now to are grandma’s house, Lily” “I am b…………” and with that he tossed out a ring with ancient inscription on it.  As soon as he said that he was dragged down into the under world.   “I must go now,” and with saying those words she grabbed the ring and some rope and was off!

When she got to the old building she climbed up the old vertical stars and saw a… horrifyingly creepy, give you the shivers, kind of oracle. The oracle  said, “If you’re looking for Max I can take you to him but first you will need 5 credits to pass into the under world.  I can provide you with those but first you must give up the friendship you have with Max. ”

“I, I, I, will.”

“Take the credits and go through the port hole. There you must  find the two pillars and say these words,”

                                                                                             The door between the pillars open for me so 
                                                                                                  I may free the moonlit spirit deep inside

All of a sudden the oracle vanished! In her place there was a port hole. “I must go though it.” So she stepped though it.  ”BANG!”  she was spit out on the hillside with the Hollywood sign on it.  She scaled the hill deep in though.  ”Between two pillars, between two L’s!”  she blurt out excitingly.  She ran up between the two l’s and spoke

                                                                                              The door between two pillars open for me 
                                                                                                   so I may free the moonlit spirit deep 
                                                                                                                                 inside me.

Just then the hill opened up and a man stepped out he said, ” 5 credits to pass.” So she pulled out the credits. The man said, “Climb aboard.”  She climbed on a raft, that when she pulled the credits out of her pocket, appeared. She was led to a seemingly frozen boy. “Max!” she called out with joy.

“You were able to pass,” a cold voice said.  It was the scorpion thing that dragged down Max.  ”So my prophecy was broken.  So that means that Max is free to go.”

“What!” she said shocked. The scorpion seeming to ignore her said, “Use my dragon to get out of here.”

“What dragon?”  A huge dragon flew down.  ”That dragon,”  she said stunned.

“Go home,” he said.

With that they where carried by the dragon back home.



On December the 21 I found out if you wave my new cream socks in front of one of  my grandma’s dogs face and say socks, sock attack socky sockey ( mainly  Rose) they will go ballistic.

You can never leave your socks untended hear. Or a dog will steal it and go around the room  as proud as a peacock saying, “look what I have and you don’t”

I wonder if it will work with any sock? What do you think?


We Got Salmon

Today we had Louisa Bates came and brought us salmon eggs.  She brought us 100 eyed eggs. (developing eggs).  She also taught us about the salmon.   Grade four and up got to see a dissection.  It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! (Not the ded fish just having the opportunity)

In a few months we will release them into Rough Bay Creek. Right now the two fish each we put in are not going anywhere.

   Why the creek is a good place

1 It has shade.

2 Lots of good rocks to make a red. ( a nest)

3 Cool water.

4 Lots of food.

I most likely will have a movie on my next salmon post!!!!!! :)


Christmas Acrostic poem


Exciting gifts

Rapping paper

Roaring children

Yule tide season

Christmas is coming

Ho ho ho

Ringing bells

Icicles hanging

Sleigh bells ringing

Trees with presents

Making cookies

Almost Christmas

Santa’s reindeer

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My Read Allowed

Custom Glitter Text

A wile ago we did a read allowed.  I did Healthy Happy Pets. Someone did  Zoooooooooooooooooooooooom! By Robert Munch.  I’m not sher if any one else did a Robert Munch book. I think Kezra did mmm cookies.

What I am working on.

Trying not to use use spaces.

Practice more.

What I am good at

sounding out

Our Criteria.

Use expression.
Try not to go “umm”.
Stay in the zone.
Read clearly.
Use strategies like: back up and re read, chuncking and skip the word and come back.
Punctuation       . stop      , pause     ? raise voice      !  surprised/excited.
Character voices.
  Hope you like my read allowed