Kittens acrostic poem

Kittens are awesome

I love kittens

Terrifyingly cute

Tremendously adorable

Endandgered on the street

Naughty little kitten

Silly little kitten


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Puppy Love Acrostic Poem

Puppies are awesome

Unconditional love

Playful pups

Pooping on the floor

Yay for puppies

Love the puppies

Oh, how I love puppies

Violet is her name

Excitement all around


My Read Allowed

Custom Glitter Text

A wile ago we did a read allowed.  I did Healthy Happy Pets. Someone did  Zoooooooooooooooooooooooom! By Robert Munch.  I’m not sher if any one else did a Robert Munch book. I think Kezra did mmm cookies.

What I am working on.

Trying not to use use spaces.

Practice more.

What I am good at

sounding out

Our Criteria.

Use expression.
Try not to go “umm”.
Stay in the zone.
Read clearly.
Use strategies like: back up and re read, chuncking and skip the word and come back.
Punctuation       . stop      , pause     ? raise voice      !  surprised/excited.
Character voices.
  Hope you like my read allowed
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A Poppy Is To Remember

A poppy is to remember the young men and women
who died in the war and
who fought courageously for our freedom.
For some the day to remember
this is happy because the Great War is over,
for others it is sad because war is still raging.
As this poem comes to an end
Remembrance Day draws near. 
I wish war was a not a thing.

Halloween Who Am I

Halloween who am I?

I howl at the moon
From my essence many things have come to be.
Who am I?
People think of me different shapes and sizes.
One of my names is soul. 
Who am I?
I suck blood.
I turn you into what I am.
Who am I?
All along I was  a  Halloween spook
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My Trip to Ontario Canada


I have just been doing some stuff in Ontario Canada, we have even been over to Detroit Michigan USA.  To get to the United States we took a tunnel straight under the Detroit River and on the way back we took the bridge over the Detroit River. Today on October 10, 2013 we went to Point Peele and walked on the southern most point of Canada on Lake Erie.

On Sunday October 6th, 2013 me, my Grandfather and my cousin took a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada.

The helicopter ride felt just like a plane ride.

Right now we are in Windsor Ontario visiting some of our relatives, we have met so many and all of them are super fun to be with.

I finally figured out that I am not the youngest in the family there are a few who are actually a little bit younger than I am.(YES!)

Is there any questions you would like to ask me?

Leave a comment below.

Me and my family at the Southern Most tip of Canada

Here we are at the Southernmost tip of Canada


Here is Niagara Falls from above inside of the Helicopter!


Here is a far away shot of Niagara Falls.


Here is me and my cousin Kate petting our Beluga Buddy Cody. (He is HUGE!) Cody lives in Marine Land Arctic Cove !


This is the Sky Wheel it was so huge that we could see Niagara Falls from here.


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The last thing we did in Tech Club (it is where we learn about technology.) was making animotos.  I made one about some clips from a mini movie I made up.   It’s about a doll hows being chased by a stuffy dog all around school until she is caught then they make up and become friends.

Hope you like my movie. 🙂

( The only thing mangled was some plasterseen.)


After you watch the movie I have some questions to ask down bellow

What was your favorite part?

Did you like it?

Do you have any questions for me?


One warm Autumn night as the wind blew sallfery and sower a lonely leaf finally gathered up all it’s cridge and salled into the wind

that same Autumn night for once the forest was quite no chittering no chattering not even a peep

as finally dawn struck the Autumn night has ended just like this poem

Our New Puppy

When my grandma came back  from the last dog show she had brought back a puppy.

She is not even a year old yet. 
Her nick name is Rosy.
We half owne her.   She will still go to shows with her last owner.  She also wants a puppy or a litter from her.
Stuff Rosy likes.
1.Climbing on the back of our couch and liking inside your ear.
2. Food.
3. Pets.
4. The other dogs.
The one thing she does not like.
 Her crate.
I will try to keep you up to date with Rosy!
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What Does That Look Like To you

Dear reader,
I got a new puppet this weekend. Her name is Zozo. I can not figure out what she is can you?

The best guesses are: Oxen and Antelope.
I got her at the thrift store down island. She looks like this.
Please leave me a comment.

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